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State Tournament Starts Friday PDF Print E-mail

With our regular season now behind us… we start our State Tournament this week! Come out and watch your Bob Jones Soccer Team take on the Grissom Tigers Friday night (4/25/14) at the Madison Stadium. Kickoff time 6:00 pm. Signs and noise-makers, welcomed!

Due to this game being sanction by the state (AHSAA), admission for all is $6.00 (including BJ Students)! Sorry for the confusion.

Come out and support your team! See You Friday!

BJ "Shoot-Fest" at Lee High PDF Print E-mail

Lee High School - April 7, 2014

Stop the insanity! It's April 7th and we are still watching soccer in winter jackets and firing up our portable heaters! It was cold, windy, and the field conditions were very soggy, as the BJ Boys played Lee High School last night in a laidback scrimmage kind of game. Very much like our last meeting, our boys jumped out early to a 4 or 5 goal lead by half time. By 2nd half, it became a shoot-fest! Shots were taken from all over the field. The highlight of the evening was when John Weber served up his own ball to deliver a bicycle kick from the top of the eighteen to score a goal. The game ended 7 to 0, but I have to commend Lee for their fun-loving nature and their side comments of humor throughout the game.

James Clemons Falls to BJ PDF Print E-mail

James Clemons - April 1, 2014

It was no joke! On April fool's day, BJ Boys defeated James Clemons with a 2 to 0 victory. The boys played solid, fast paced soccer. They had lots of ball movement great passing sequences, and some nice runs. Must have been a long, restful spring break for JC, for they came out flat and offered very little pressure until 2nd half. Our boys dominated play, kept the ball on JC's side of the field the entire first half and most of the game. Our goalie, Mario Magnuson had very little action. That's the way we like it. Congrats to our boys for the redemption win... no overtime or shoot-outs needed!

With this being our last regular season home game, it was also our Senior night. Staying with tradition, we honored our Seniors by recognizing them and their supporting parents during our half-time festivities. We wish them all the luck in their future endeavors, on and off the pitch!

# Seniors Parents
2 Joshua Evans Girard & Deloris Evans
4 John Weber Greg & Pat Weber
6 Matt Trulock Troy & Dana Trulock
8 Jack Patrick Ben & Lisa Patrick
10 Matt VanScoy Jeffrey & Kathryn VanScoy
13 Josh McManus Jim & Mary McManus
14 Max Isper Eric & Christina Isper
16 Tristan Samios Hans Samios & Anthea Bywater

Click Here for Pcitures

Gulf Coast Classic Tournament Champions! PDF Print E-mail

Gulf Coast Classic (Gulf Shores Tournament) - March 28-29, 2014

Despite being on Spring Break, the BJ Varsity Boys had a great showing at the Gulf Coast Classic this weekend in Gulf Shores, AL. They played great, unselfish soccer the entire weekend, despite the torrential rain storms. They faced some new opponents such as Enterprise, Gulf Shores High School, and in the finals, Florence. I'm happy to report the BJ Boys took the tournament by storm (yes pun intended), and walked away as the Gulf Coast Classic Champions!

Bob Jones Loses 2nd Annual Warriors Cup PDF Print E-mail

James Clemons - March 20, 2014

The BJ Boys Varsity played a great game against James Clemons (JC) last night or better known as the Warriors Cup. The boys played a hard physical game for a full 80 minutes and then some. The BJ boys dominate possession, and had several great passing sequences, while James Clemons held them off and did their boot and run game. JC struck first with the first goal of the game. Shortly thereafter, BJ was awarded a penalty kick, due to a freak handball in the box. Apparently the defensive man thought a crossed ball curved out of bounds while in the air and then came back in, so he caught it. The referees never call such, so BJ was awarded a PK. Max Isper took the PK and tied the game. At the end of regulation play, the score was tied, 1 to 1. Now onto Over Time! After the quick two ten minute OT sessions, the score was still tied. Then onto the 5-man Shoot-out! Each team lined-up their 5 shooters, each watching on as one player takes to the PK area and rifles off his shot! BJ had one shot block and one that went high and overshot the goal. While JC hit all but one which was blocked by Mario Magnuson. It’s down to the final man for each team, JC was up first and all they had to do was drain this last shot to win the game…. And they did so, to take the 2nd Annual Warriors Cup.  What an existing game!

BJ Boys Mercy Ruled Lee PDF Print E-mail

Lee Game - March 11, 2014

The BJ Boys owned this game from the start. From the first whistle, as we passed the ball back and noticed the lack of pressure from Lee. A telltale sign for the game ahead. It was rare to see the ball past mid-field on our defensive side of the pitch. Our boys had all kinds of time and space to setup passes and make runs. Even though the score was very lopsided, both Lee and our Boys show poise and sportsmanship, and even a little humor was heard from Lee side of the field. The game ended early with a 10 to 0 score.

  1. Josh Evens had a low hard cross into Eduvie Ikoba for a quick head-poke for our first goal
  2. Max Isper put one in from corner kick from Jack Patrick
  3. Eduvie Ikoba (his 2nd of the night) rocketed one in from the eighteen
  4. Steven Penny followed a shot from Cole Johnson
  5. Max Isper put in the next (his 2nd of the night)
  6. Jack Patrick wide open in the middle of the box knocks in the pass from Max Isper
  7. John Weber put one in from a great cross from Cole Johnson
  8. Deivi Bucio was given the PK when Max Isper got tripped in the box, which he made
  9. Jack Patrick roped one from the eighteen with traffic (his 2nd of the night)
  10. The final goal was a shot from Eduvie Ikoba (Hat Trick) that rattled the cross bar and was called a goal for breaking the plain
BJ Faces Decatur – Second Time of Season PDF Print E-mail

Decatur Game - March 10, 2014

The BJ Boys Varsity Soccer team faced off with Decatur for their 2nd game of the season Monday night at the Madison Stadium. Their previous meeting ended in a 4 to 0 game in favor of BJ Boys. Tonight was different… the Decatur team played well against us, but it was their defense that kept the game tight. Our BJ Boys took plenty of shots, but their defense seems to always be in a position to block or ricochet our attempts. We definitely controlled the game and had many more shots on goal, just could not get one to find the back of the net. At the end of the game, Decatur had one last opportunity with literately seconds remaining on the clock. They moved the ball to the center of the eighteen…. our goalie Glassman comes out, slides in front and blocks their kick… but they immediately get their own rebound and with one last ditch effort, chips a weak dribbler… With our goalie on the ground and everyone at the eighteen, everything went into slow motion at that point… it bounces, bounces, rolls, and drifts just right of the goal post… Buzzer sounds. Tie Game 0 to 0. Stay tuned pictures coming soon.

Oak Mountain beats BJ Varsity PDF Print E-mail

Oak Mountain Game - February 28, 2014

BJ Varsity traveled down to B'ham Friday night for a showdown against Oak Mountain. The Oak Mountain eagles came out strong and really pressured our defensive. They are a very fast, well-disciplined, and patient team. The showed some great passing sequences and fast. Did I mention fast? Our defensive did their best to hold off the pressure, and Mario Magnuson had some great saves but it wasn’t long before they broke the seal on the goal and before you knew it… it was 3 to 0 in favor of Oak Mountain at half. As the rain started, so did the second half with Quentin Boric in goal. Three minutes into the second half John Weber received a yellow card for a lowered shoulder, right in front of Oak Mountains vocal student section. I think that spurred the Patriots, for they had a much stronger second half, moved the ball much better and put more pressure on the ball. Jack Patrick had an incredible save off an Oak Mountain corner kick with a defensive-header in front of the goal to clear the ball. Even though we were able hold off the eagles the second half, we couldn’t put one in ourselves. Final score 3 to 0 Oak Mountain.

BJ Varsity didn’t let up on Austin PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 25 February 2014 13:01

Austin Game - February 24, 2014

The Bob Jones Varsity took it to Austin with a 6 to 0 victory. From the get go, they moved the ball at will. They did a great job possessing the ball, with crisp passes, sharp
collects, and some nice overlapping runs. The first goal came when Eduvie Ikoba continued to be forced to dribble through the side of the penalty box until he reached the goal line, then with one quick move, got a pass off to Max Isper sitting all alone at the PK mark for a quick punch in. Great assist by Eduvie and another goal for the season for Max. At half the score was 2 to 0, for Eduvie got his first of the night late in the first half with an assit from Max. He scored his second goal early in the second half, assisted by Jack Patrick, and his third goal... (that's right, Eduvie got his first hat-trick of the season) started with a great run down the left side by Sutton Snyder, with a feed to Eduvie at the top of the eighteen. Then with a short chip-shot, it went up and over the defense and just out of the reach of the goalie. Impressive! The fifth goal came from Tristan Samios off a corner kick, his first goal of the season. You know it's a good night when you have defensive men scoring goals - great job Tristan! The sixth and final goal of the evening was shot by John Weber late in the game to finish off the deflated Austin! Click Here for Pictures!

JV Ties Another with Austin PDF Print E-mail

Austin Game - February 24, 2014

Bob Jones JV and Austin players held each other at bay during the first half of the game, with a score of 0-0. Both teams started the second half with a vengeance-and Austin scored when one of its players was left unguarded. Bob Jones JV narrowly missed several shots, then scored after missing a PK shot. Although Austin players tried calling several fouls, they didn't seem legit. Both teams turned up the heat trying to get that second point which would give them the victory, causing Bob Jones to get a yellow card. At the end of the game, it was a tie with the score remaining 1-1. The JV will face Austin again this season and will get another chance to show them what we're made of!

BJ Varsity takes it to Sparkman! PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 21 February 2014 09:16

Sparkman Game - February 20, 2014
The Bob Jones Varsity team defeated Sparkman 4 to 2 last night. The boys took charge of the game early, with our first goal by Max Isper with just 2 minutes into the game. This set the tone for the night, and they kept the pressure on, for most of the first half. From a feed from Eduvie Ikoba from the right side of the field, Max Isper whiffed on the cross, but to good fortune for John Weber, for he collected, put one move on the defensive man, and put one in the back of the net for our second goal of the night, and Johns first goal of the season. Thirty seconds later Max Isper put in our third goal of the night with a fluke, “hail mary” type kick from almost mid-field and into the wind… it floated just over the head of the goalie and into the goal! BJ gave Sparkman the opportunity for their first goal of the night, with a trip in the box and a free penalty kick, which they capitalized on. Prior to half, Sutton Snyder made his first debut of the season, after being out for a five month stent for a knee rehabilitation. At half the score was 3 to 1. During the second half, both sides played hard and moved the ball up and down the field quite well. There was some physical play with Sutton Snyder being removed due to a yellow card, and Matt VanScoy a red. Another defensive trip in the box by Matt Trulock gave Sparkman their second PK and their second and final goal of the night. BJ’s last goal came from Eduvie Ikoba on the left side of the box, out dribbled two defenders, and launched a left footed shot to far post for the final goal. Quentin Boric was in the goal for BJ, he was tested a handful of times and came-up with some nice saves. Quentin had a great game.

BJ Varsity goes down to HSV PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 February 2014 13:25

Huntsville Game - February 19, 2014.
Both Varsity and Junior Varsity played Huntsville last night. Neither team came away with a win... the JV tied 0 to 0 and Varsity lost 4 to 0. The good news, it was a great night to watch soccer. The weather was finally comfortable, and no rain (nor snow)!

The Varsity team had their hands full from the start of the whistle. Huntsville showed good patience, great ball control, maintained their spacing, and made some good runs down the sidelines. Mario Magnuson had some great earlier game saves, but due to the constant pressure he finally had to succumb. Our boys were able to put some runs together, but nothing that their goalie couldn't handle. At half it was already 2 to 0. Eduvie Ikoba had some nice second-half runs, but had continuous pressure and constantly double/triple-teamed up top. It was a very hard physical match but yet the referees were letting the boys play.
The game ended 4 to 0.

JV -vs- Huntsville PDF Print E-mail

Huntsville Game - February 19, 2014

Bob Jones JV and Huntsville started this game as a battle! The first half each team held the other from the goal with some aggressive soccer! Bob Jones had a few shots on goal, but were unable to score. Half time ended with a 0-0 score. The second half Huntsville came back strong, but Bob Jones proved to be just as strong, if not stronger, keeping possession of the ball for most of the second half. However, there were not many shots on goal this half and the game ended 0-0.

Varsity Defeats Decatur in Season Opener PDF Print E-mail

Decatur Game - February 15, 2014.
The Varsity team started their season against Decatur High School this weekend with a victory of 4 goals to 0. The boys looked good, moved the ball around quite well, and had some great passing sequences. Eduvie Ikoba put in the first goal of the season via a header from a corner kick from Matt VanScoy. It was a beautifully played ball and header, but it was called back due to a pushing violation. Our next opportunity came when Ikoba was tripped in the box during a two-on-one run. Max Isper took the penalty kick and drove it in the back of the net. Taking the honor of our first official goal of the season. Our next goal was a great feed from Wess Toutanji from the left side to Ikoba sitting pretty in the middle. He dribbles left around one defender, pulls the goalie, and a slight punch right.. to score the second goal of the game. Our next two scoring opportunities came with authority! In the 2nd half, Matt VanScoy drills a long ball that went right through traffic and past the goalie. Isper got his 2nd goal of the game and the
fourth and final goal of the team, by pounding one from the top of the eighteen. Great job guys, way to start the season! For pictures of the game, Click here.

The JV played a strong first half with several shots on goal. However, the score remained 0-0 at half. Decatur came back strong in the second half, but we were able to score our first goal from a PK shot and then another from a corner kick! Decatur kept the pressure and scored their first goal. Score now 2 to 1 with 10 minutes remaining. The game became very intense with Decatur getting several shots on goal and a yellow card. All shots were blocked by Bob Jones. Game ended in a Bob Jones JV Victory with a score of 2-1.

JV Season Opener

JV Sparkman Game - February 10, 2014.
The JV Team opened their season last night against Sparkman. Despite the very cold and windy conditions the boys played hard and ended in a tie. JV held their own in this battle against Sparkman, earning a few shots on goal, but not able to put it in. The score at half was 0-0. Sparkman continued to prove to be a force to be reckoned with, but Bob Jones JV continued to hold them back. The game ended with a score of 0-0. Way to hang tough Bob Jones JV!

Kudos to our parents for supporting our team and weathering the blistering southern conditions!